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Harada Roshi

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In the good article on Keisaku on this site it is written 'to not allow anyone to be sitting in a half hearted manner.' and 'This circuit is the best time to correct untidy postures.' When and how shall a Keisaku person interfere with half hearted sitting or untidy position?

In a Zen dojo this is clearly decided: When the person carrying the Keisaku - Junkei - is doing the first quick walking round, during this time the posture can be corrected. If the back is not straight and slumped backwards, the Keisaku can be placed behind the person´s back in order to help straighten it. Often when sitting long hours, one is not aware of one´s posture anymore. During the actual round of zazen when walking slowly with the Keisaku, a touch with the Keisaku on one shoulder can remind the person to return to intensity in sitting and not sitting half heartedly.

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