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Wash away the discriminating shadow...
Harada Roshi

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I'm 22. From one point of view it seems my life is normal average. I love people around me. Love to make them smile to feel and touch new things around me. But sometimes it's not enough. I get tired very quickly. and my biggest problem is that I love people but I cannot feel it.

When we truly love something or someone, we have thrown ourselves away and have become one with the other. As long as we still hold onto the distinctions between ourselves and someone, it is not true love. Loving flowers, I become the flower. Loving astrology, I become the moon. A parent loves their child, feeling one with them. A teacher loves his students and thus can become the mind of the student. The purer we can become in our love for others, forgetting ourselves, the more our love can grow in depth and width. The love between a couple, but also the love for those who walk the same path as we do, love for humanity as well. The Buddha would love all living beings, grasses, trees. Love is the path to awaken to our true life energy, since love is the source of wisdom. There is nothing but love and wisdom that truly matters in our lives.

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