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Harada Roshi

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On p. 21 of MOON BY THE WINDOW you speak of thoughts and desires coming between us and the moon. My understanding of the ego filter is that it is created by our emotions which might include anger as well as desire. Is that a correct understanding?

It does not need difficult words like a filter.What is mean here is that we see things from our preconceived ideas. Like it says in the koan with Nansen, where he answers: Nowadays people see this flower as if in a dream. What is the one who is at one with heaven and earth? 
We simply see: oh, there is a flower blooming. But there is no one who sees it like being at one with the flower. If you say that you were at one with that flower, then it would only be the idea of it. That is not actually seeing the flower. A person of society would also see the flower blooming, which doesn`t mean that they are enightened.
What Nansen is saying here, that when you see the flower, that there is something that is not the flower.
When the Buddha showed the flower to the assembly, it was not about the flower. The Buddha is the Buddha, Makakasho is Makakasho, the flower is the flower.But if Makakasho adds any idea to this, then that would be strange. If you want to use words, you can say that the flower is the Buddha, the flower is Makakasho. The flower of course has no self awareness of itself. But that would only be intellectual understanding passed on by some university professor.But it cannot be said to be the understanding of the Dharma.

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