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Harada Roshi

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Society does not allow for this continued connection. As a lay person in the midst of a busy city life, with a job that deals with the public, it has been difficult to stay connected. Then you find it too distracting and let go of such responsibilities. Is it really possible?

Samadhi can be best developed in daily life. When you perform a dance on stage, you are with your dance, you do not look around at the guests or whether they clap or not. You dance because you like to dance, not because you judge your dance or want to have it judged by others. You are only concentrated, completely present in your dance. There is no gap there, your mind is dancing with your body. That is the samadhi of zazen. When you work, you are completely with that work, not thinking about anything extraneous, that is how to do the best kind of work because it comes forth from samadhi. Your zazen has to be alive in your daily actions. When we can live our samadhi in our daily life, then we feel complete. To keep working on this creatively is the samadhi of zazen.

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