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Harada Roshi

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Many times I really feel like not living anymore I fail both at school and my social life and feel that I am simply just stupid incapable. My mum brother care so much about me but I am such a shameful person. I am worthless hate being an embarrassment to my family.

Since I do not know your age, I am writing in a more general way, yet often when we grow up these is a time in our adolecence years when many people have an inferiority complex. These kind of thoughts seem to be present around the age up to 17 even. It also happened to me, yet at that exact time I was lucky to meet my master, or the person who later became my master, and through that encounter my life changed completely. Not everyone has the chance to meet a person they are inspired by. When we only look at ourselves, then we feel heavy, and see everyone else as being better. Yet when you meet someone who can be an example for you as to how you want to live and be yourself, these thoughts change in an instant. Yet if you have not met a person like this it might be hard for you to believe this. This special person in your life could show you that there is a different way of looking at things, bringing forth your own personal abilities. We all have this side where we feel we are not worth much, yet each and everyone of us also has special abilities, yet it does need that chance to open your eyes to it. That is what our life is about. Please reach out and meet many people and receive that chance to find your own deep ability through them.

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