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Our source of awareness is prior to picking and choosing...
Harada Roshi

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How does sexual activity influence our zen practice and life? On the one hand it feels like an essential part of me as a human as children are not born in any other way. Often it feels like plain pleasure and disturbance just as drugs or alcohol.

In order for the human race to continue, the sexual instinct is most important, so that descendants are being born. 
Yet we also use this sexual desire in our mind for our own self satisfaction, which clouds our mind. Difficult, isn´t it ? We clear our mind in zazen, that is the purpose of our practice, yet at the same time we have this desire - this is human´s contradiction. Humans are full of contradictions. We were born from one cell of life energy, we were born to survive, birth, old age, sickness and finally we die. There is no other animal or plant that thinks about itself, that is why this contradiction does not become apparent. Only humans have to suffer because of this contradiction. In order to find a way to deal with this contradiction, morality and religion came forth. For your own life you need to clarify your meaning, your goal, create a plan for your life. The path of Zazen and awakening , giving your life to all of society, guiding others - this path might be easier than struggling with human´s contradictions.

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