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Harada Roshi

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I like going for a walk think about things is it ok to think about some things at times or should I practice being in the moment 24 hours a day? Why think of no thinking? The 'thinking mind' seems to be important both in life becoming enlightened thus it goes work practices 'studies'.

In Kyoto there is the philosopher´s path. It is within a forest alongside of a wide river. When I was studying in Kyoto, I loved to walked along this road. If we do not deeply reflect upon our life, we easily waste it. When the Buddha was young, he would think about the problems of life, of humanity. That is why it is important to think when pondering the happiness for all of humanity. Yet in order to experience one´s life root the thinking is an obstruction. In order to awaken to the true being within, the truth of Buddhism, thoughts are in our way. This is what the Buddha taught from his own experience. We need to use our awareness according to our purpose in life.

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