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Harada Roshi

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Terlusollogie is the study of respiratory types formulated about 60 years ago by the musician Erich Wilk. It says that either active exhalation or active inhalation is the way to own power. Zen emphasizes exhalation more than inhalation. Is thus not respecting different breath types. What do you think of this?

Musicians use instruments, they sing and the breath is most important for them, that is why they study it deeply. The same as in Zazen, for being able to enter a state of samadhi, one has to know about breathing. We have inhalation and exhalation, yet normally we do not even think about these. Yet if we do not know the different abilities of the in- and exhalation, we can waste a lot of our energy. The inner of our lung has the size of 8 tatami (straw mats 90 x 180 cm) when completely opened up. The lungs have the ability to exhale Carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen. When using our lungs to their full capacity, we can stop our breath for 5 minutes. This is what ocean divers do, using their so called natural Aqualung. We do not need to go that far, yet breathing only one breath in a minute is not unusual. When the breathing becomes deeper, we can easily exhale for 30 seconds and inhale again for 30 seconds. For the depth of samadhi this kind of breathing is essential. Yet first we need to exhale, since exhalation brings relaxation to the body, and only then  can we inhale, receiving new energy.  When lifting heavy things, usually we inhale, when shooting an arrow, we exhale or else it is hard to focus. Thus both breaths have their own quality. Yet to in- and exhale at least 10-15 seconds is what we should try to maintain.

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