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Harada Roshi

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When I breath into my hara my diaphragm doesn't open up properly. I find that my body breaths into the chest after breathing into the hara so that it opens up better as if the energy fills up starting from the hara. Is it ok to breath into the chest? What is the hara anyway?

The lung do not move by themselves. Due to the up and down movement of the diaphragm, the lungs expand and contract. When inhaling, they expand, when exhaling they contract. We breathe usually by habit and do not exhale all the way. Our bronchial tube is being using for the in and out flowing breath, that is why when not exhaling completely, CO2 remains in the lungs while we are surrounded by O2 we cannot inhale it. That is why we need to completely exhale until all CO2 has been exhaled. When exhaling in this way, the breathing also being supported by the muscular strands of the lower abdomen and lower back, this is called Tanden breathing, using the Hara.

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