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Our body already knows how to give birth to true wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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I actually have too many questions in my life but in a way all of them may be expressed as this one big question: What does it REALLY mean to be a human? What are we supposed to do in and with our life? And is Zen the way to find out?

The Buddha said in the Dhammapada: "Rare it is to be born as a human. Now it is that we have received the life as human. Rare it is to meet the true teaching." In this world there is unending life, and we were born as humans, yet one day we will all die. Now being alive, we cannot waste this precious chance, and need to do something in society for others. It is rare to meet the truth, it is rare to meet a true awakened teacher. There is no other purpose in our life but to bring our mind to completion. For that we cannot let go of our efforts even one single day. And having realized it for ourselves, then we can share that joy with others. Zen is the path to awaken to the wisdom of the Buddha. 

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