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Harada Roshi

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How can you manage to give Sanzen Roshi sama? Is it a gift you were born with or did you learn it from your teacher? Do you need to prepare yourself for giving Sanzen?

Sanzen is taking the base of zazen.  The students come in with their state of mind, and it is for me to see, how far they have reached the wisdom and understanding of the Buddha.  ShinEki - opening mind, refreshing of mind. It is not some kind of special ability but has been polished through one's own training and encounters with one's own teacher. So the wisdom of one's teacher gets opened in one's own mind. These laws of the mind apply to all human beings, so to understand one´s own mind is to understand all minds. It is only observed in Zen practice, because Zen specializes on the experience and not so much on the teachings. Sanzen is the tool for deepening our state of mind. The teacher is only becoming a mirror, and when someone enters the room, becoming one with them it is easy to see where they are at. Simply reflecting does not need and thoughts about what to say and how to guide. The student is actually showing what they need. That is why even 2 hours of giving Sanzen go by as if in a moment, because only being with each person in front of me, no awareness about time remains.

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