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The stone lantern doesn`t need to explain oneself. Neither does a tree, the sun or the rain...
Harada Roshi

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How important is it to accept with patience and tolerance the noisy breath of the one who sits beside you in the zendo? I hear the loud ticking of a clock until I let it go and it disappears. Is patience and tolerance not the essence of compassion? Is strict adherence to form more important?

It is for sure for both sides to make efforts, giving space to others as well as trying this breathing method. The person breathing loudly will also not be feeling comfortable about the situation, and a way to practice breathing more quietly is imagining a row of candles in front of you. Trying to exhale and see how many candles´flames down the line you can stir. In that way naturally the breathing becomes more relaxed and deeper, and also more quiet. 

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