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Harada Roshi

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Nowadays many people do jobs that involve thinking and working with computers. How can we practice in this era?

The work nowadays has become quite different to work a few generations back. When doing work, it is best to choose simple work. Cleaning, weeding, working in the garden. Nowadays most work also does not include moving the body either. this is how society has developed in accordance with its necessities, and we need to adjust in order to make a living nowadays. When we talk about Samu, we mean simple work that is suited to support the arising of samadhi. The work nowadays is more likely to bring forth complicated and stressed human beings. So we do need to be aware of this and make efforts. Like stopping every 2 hours and going for a walk, moving the body, or some sport which also supports the health of our physical body. If we do not make these efforts, easily psychological difficulties can come forth.

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