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Harada Roshi

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What would be your advice to someone who gradually stops seeing the point of doing anything? To someone who feels useless incapable of doing anything right for example he starts writing a book but doesn't even finish the first chapter because he knows that if he continues it won't be exactly the same as the book in his idea or disgusted with himself for wasting time chasing stupid things just to feel good for ten seconds. Someone who is losing hope to find a way to live his life and feel good about living it. Who doesn't know how to let go of all these poisonous thoughts.

If you meet someone who has this nihilistic outlook, then you need to talk to them and share your excitement in life with them. You need to clarify for yourself, what it is that inspires you and gives your life meaning and the joy, then you can share it with someone who does not see any meaning in life. Someone who has lost any sense of meaning in life are completely only their ego, a hardened ego, having fallen into that alone. If you were pure in mind, this would not have happened. Does a baby feel like there is no meaning in life? Of course it does not. Only one filled with ego will think that all that is left to be done is to die. It is natural to feel the joy of being alive.Look at the flower, the tree, do they want to die? Where would that kind of tree or flower be? Only humans are able to create their own ego, their own thoughts, having thought too much that nothing seems possible anymore. If there is someone like this around, you need to intensely share your joy of life with them, so that they can feel it again. The other person has become hard and fixed in their ego, and only an authentic answer will bring them out of it. There is no set solution to this, but to throw your whole life into saving this person.

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