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Harada Roshi

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What's 'karmic connection'? How is it created?

What the Buddha realized in his deep awakening is, that this world is not created by some god, meaning that the Buddha did not agree to any creator of this world. The Buddha said that for anything that exists there is a cause. There is a cause for this world to have come forth 46 billion years ago. This is called karmic connection (EN in Japanese), which will last for a while until this karmic connection ends again. When the karmic connection of this world will come to an end, this world will disappear, returning to its basic appearance. This is also true for ourselves. We exist due to a cause which has created an effect which is our existence, which will eventually disappear and we will die. There is nothing in this universe that does not change, that does not follow the law of everything being in constant change, cause and effect. There is a cause, a karmic connection comes into existence bringing forth the effect, which again is a cause bringing forth yet another effect. From the unknown beginning to the unknown end, there being no beginning and no end, seeing this world with its changes is wisdom. Modern science has come to the same conclusion as that of the Buddha.

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