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Harada Roshi

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When Hakuin Zenji encourages practitioners to press down with the soles of the feet during his recommended tanden exercise does he mean to press the feet down against the futon one is lying on or press them away from the body in the direction the legs are pointing in?

You can practice the Tanden breathing all the time. Hakuin Zenji is teaching the naikan method, lying down facing upward, placing the legs in shoulder width distance, releasing all tension from the body, placing a piece of butter mixed with vanilla the size of an egg of a duck on top of your head, letting the butter melt with the heat of your body, running down the face, the neck, the chest, the belly, the hip, the thighs, the knees and finally down to the soles of your feet, which are pointing naturally away from the body, and your whole body is filled with this nice fragrance.

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