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Zazen is the essence of mind as is...
Harada Roshi

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Albert Einstein is someone who seems to be aware of this oneness. He says that time slows down when an object is going at the speed of light. Scientists have proven this to be true now. Do you understand this phenomena? How did Einstein understand these phenomena without zazen? Or is it by intelligence?

Just because you do Zazen doesn´t mean that you understand everything. We think and do not understand, that is why we do zazen. Sitting zazen, the complicated thoughts disappear and we become more simple. When the extraneous noise is gone, then our true perception starts to work and we can see things as they are. Einstein did not practice zazen, but he had a strong concentration. In Japan there was the sociologist Kawakami Hajime, but while he was contemplating on the question as to how much we should give to society and where the line is as to what we should keep and do for ourselves, he lost track of his body, lost track of his surroundings. He didn´t know how long he had been sitting there, yet when he looked up, the scenery in front of his eyes had changed, it had become completely fresh. First he was not sure about this state of mind, yet all his problems and challenges where simply resolved. How much to give to society and how much to retain for oneself, that complicated paradox only had existed because of his ego being an obstruction. He realized that he was society, that there never was a distinction between himself and society. And from there on he started the practice of zazen. This is how it can work for people of high concentration, the obvious being revealed to them, yet we being still unclear in many aspects, need to continue to polish our mind. 

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