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Zazen is the essence of mind as is...
Harada Roshi

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My partner recently lost her job and she has trouble finding a new job. I see her slowly losing hope and getting depressed about the situation getting rejection letters all the time. I feel this affects me too and that her mood is rubbing off on me. How can I best help her and myself?

This present world is moving according to one system. If you lose your job, then you lose the safety this system offers. This system creates people who win and those who lose. When you get sick and old, you become a burden to this society, because you have no abilities that you offer to society, and you are asked to get off the train of this system in society. It is a society only concerned about the young with their ability to work. We need to come back to a society where we do not feel like we missed the train. This elbow-world is creating the sicknesses like cancer, heart attack and stroke. It is because we only live by the insurances and their fake safety. When we get old, we become like garbage - is that how it should be? We need to return to the true joy of being alive and feeling that freedom in our mind.

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