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Zen is simple and revealed...
Harada Roshi

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There is Quantum Healing to be found everywhere these days. How does Zen see this approach of returning one`s being instantaneously to true alignment and happiness?

The DNA consist of our chromosomes, data being stored in our subconscious from ancestors and past experiences. When we return to our higher being, in one instance our body and mind can return to their true alignment, thus it is said. But what is the meaning in this? If this were the purpose, in one instance all bad people would disappear??!!! All troubles, fears, worries of human´s mind would be resolved instantaneously? Then we are left with ideal humans everywhere? Wars and violence were gone? Yet over 2000 years ago, Christ, the Buddha, Confucius taught on how humans should life, yet why do we not bring this into actuality ? Why is there still no end to wars and violence? All people alive now are derived from the Homo Sapiens. All the same family. Yet why do we keep fighting and struggling. looking for our gain? How many people are there really around who give up all for society? There are those who eat food for 100 dollars a meal, not even thinking about those 50 million other humans who do not have enough to eat???? Do we have this knowledge in our subconscious somewhere? Zen is not that irresponsible, not worried about one´s own healing on some unconscious level, but we sit zazen, making unending efforts, so that the ignorance brought forth by the ego of people in society, can be brought even a bit closer to wisdom, to awakening, and from there to find the solution for all of society. We keep making efforts without stopping for the happiness of all.

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