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If you want to know about the past, look at the present outcome. If you want to know the future, look at how you are right now...
Harada Roshi

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Many teachings suggest that recognizing one's non existent nature is required for a true spiritual development . Yet when I examine in meditation what arise I must admit that everything seems to exist sounds sensations and even that defused sense of self. I can't deny this. How to proceed?

Emptiness is not nothingness. If there were nothing, then this would be Nihilism. which again is just a concept. In Buddhism Emptiness is not an obstruction. We easily see and hear things and get moved around by them, because we believe them to be reality. From there the emotional response comes forth with us being sad, joyful, winning and loosing. When we get praised, we are happy, when scolded unhappy, because there is still attachement present. Yet it doesnot mean to not be happy or sad. When we are experiencing these emotions, to just stay with that and not pull them along further. If we are not attached to what we should be or do, then our self is no obstruction. Having thoughts and not getting moved around by them, keeping the bigger view of things, then they are also no obstruction. Emptiness is while it does exist to see the innate empty nature of phenomena. Emptiness can take everything in and it will never feel tight or restricted. Please, let your state of mind ripen where you do not get stopped by any concept.

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