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Harada Roshi

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I don't have a koan and teacher but I`ve been studying Buddhism in great depth. What if every day I do zazen and study Buddhism whenever I feel the need to, would I attain Enlightenment? And do I have to sit for hours to attain it?

Simply said, Satori is to awaken, to become aware of one´s original self. To understand the truth of one´s life. Nowadays it is often said that Satori is awareness. That we can enlighten ourselves. Encountering the self which is free from all gathered knowledge and decorations. Even books on Buddhism cannot be about gathering new ideas again, increasing the knowledge, but to grasp that which you are from your birth. It is not the self on the surface, but the same source of all of humanity. No male no female. No young no old. The life which reaches beyond age. Even the idea of birth or death do not enter here any more. To awaken to this true self is satori. In order to be able to see the true self, at times a koan can be an obstruction. In order to awaken to this life, you need to stay with your awareness digging in 24 hours a day.

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