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Harada Roshi

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I think you know that I am teaching meditation to Vietnam Vets through the MBSR program and am teaching them zazen. Many of them are haunted by horrible nightmares of their experiences in Vietnam and it has wrecked their lives. One man in particular for years has been trying to repress these nightmares but still he have anxiety suicidal tendencies depression and nightmares that wake him and keep him awake. He wakes up wanting to kill or kill himself. He has found the meditation so helpful for his daily anxiety but still the nightmares wake him up. I am suggesting he meditate first thing in the morning and whatever nightmares woke him up to allow them just what is manageable to let in. And then to just work with it as a thought and let it go...He if terrified to do this....to let in what has haunted him all these years. I know it can be done but would like your guidance please.

War destroys the abundant human mind, human trust thus gets destroyed at its root. This destruction happens only in a few moments, yet it takes a long time until it has regenerated. Yet thanks to the efforts of the surrounding people , slowly the trust can grow again and improve. You cannot give up.  All of us who have not participated in the war, are responsible to support these veterans and not give up.

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