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Drink up the whole universe...
Harada Roshi

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I'm working with Koan MU. When sit I take a deep inhale and on the exhale I've asked What is MU from my Hara. At the same time I tried to look into the Hara to find MU there but look like I just saw the darkness in the middle of my forehead or nowhere.

I am not quite sure as to what you are asking, but maybe the question "What is this?" is in your way. Just become the breathing. Become the MU. To not make the slightest gap, that is samadhi. Any kind of gap is just ego. Forget your body, forget the surroundings, and then for the first time you can enter the samadhi of MU. The whole world outside, which you are aware of, becomes this MU. The seen, the heard - all MU. And then the awareness of this MU also drops away. All is lost, nothing to be aware of. And because there is no Self here, there is also no satori there. Breaking through this complete MU and the fresh state of mind appears. Breaking through heaven and earth and then for the first time there is nothing in your state of mind that could hinder you. Please until reaching this place, do not let go of your efforts.

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