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Harada Roshi

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Doctors have proven that a patient with a transplanted heart received the information of the former heart`s owner. What does this kind of mixing of karmas do to us ?

This is true not only of the heart but for all organs, the heart, liver, kidney, lungs - all organs have their own memories stored. When receiving an organ through transplantation, you receive also the habits and memories of the former owner of these organs. Great confusion occurs from this burden. The rejection of the new organ has to be controlled and this continues to the end. In Buddhism we do not agree with brain death. Until the heart completely stops, death is not recognized. It is a mistake to believe that brain death is the actual death. Yet in order to be able to transplant organs, brain death has been accepted. And from this convenience the transplantation of organs has become a business. The mass media not addressing this situation is also a problem, leaving a lot of confusion behind.

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