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Go for the root...
Harada Roshi

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Nowadays people have more second hand experiences than first hand experiences. Rather taking a video on their mobiles of a concert than simply enjoying the concert or ceremony. How do you see the development of society and humans mind?

It is important for human to create tools. Nowadays it can be said that we have more than plenty of what we need to survive. It developed from tools that were made from necessity, now they are being made for profit. Since it is all about profit, even unnecessary items are being produced. And humans even get interested in these unnecessary items and start to use them. Here we need to become aware of the fact that we are being used by these tools. The poet Ozaki Hosai who died 100 years ago in Okayama wrote this poem: "Having no sieve, I receive with both hands". He was a great scholar from a famous university, having a high position as well. Seeing how everything was only about money, money ! he quit his job, he went on pilgrimage by himself and eventually died alone. Yet he would write poems about human´s true values all life long. Even if there is no tool, the two hands we have received we can use them. More important than the tools is the life of the one who uses the tools. Zazen being the path to clearly perceive our source.

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