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Our source of awareness is prior to picking and choosing...
Harada Roshi

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It is said that emotions arise according to belief systems. For someone who is pure in mind are there no emotional reactions coming forth?

We humans all have wisdom and emotions. Then there is shallow wisdom and emotions and deep wisdom and emotions. Just like the surface and the depth of the water. The surface is constantly moved by wind and waves come up. The surface gets moved through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth and body. On that level, the wisdom and emotions arise according to the outside situation. Yet in the depth there is the place where no waves come up. That is so because we see from the place of our true being, and from there we have wisdom and emotions coming up. Like the eastern philosopher Nishida Kitaro said: "In my mind there is a place so deep where neither the waves of joy or sadness reach." Saying that we can experience this deep wisdom and emotions through our Zazen.

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