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The stone lantern doesn`t need to explain oneself. Neither does a tree, the sun or the rain...
Harada Roshi

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Sometimes unaware, unconscious sleep is said to be ignorance of one's true nature. One can be well aware when awake but when falling asleep there is unaware a gap... until one awakes again and this happens every day and night. I want to ask what zen tradition says about this gap and what to do ?

That is exactly it ! When you read the "Zenkan sakushin - Incentives for Breaking Zen Barriers" tears will come to your eyes when reading about the efforts made. When tired, doing kinhin, hitting your head against a pillar, all kinds of efforts were made by people in the past. In order to not let go of the energy of the Tanden, that is why we sleep sitting up. It is not the same kind of sitting as when we are awake, yet we are not letting go of the tautness of the Tanden. When you do that, you will feel that you are still full and taught the next morning. I pray for your great efforts.

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