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Harada Roshi

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These two questions concern me deeply What is this reality that I see around me? What is my own mind? Should I pick one of these to focus on or are they somehow the same? How to practice with this question?

We human beings have evolved during 2000000 years, now having entered a time of "civilized lifestyle", developing a society which is efficient, where we help each other, where we can communicate and exchange knowledge. We developed from being 4 legged beings to walking on 2 legs, creating a society where communication and the exchange of knowledge is possible. In order to resolve the big life questions of living together in harmony and of dying, religion came forth. We perceive this world through our sense and in that we are like other animals, yet that we can reflect upon ourselves is what makes us humans different. We have the ability to use our imagination from the past to the future, we have the ability to have empathy for another being. Yet while we have developed so far, there is still deep uncertainty remaining in our mind. Whether we as a human race will survive or not is up to us, whether we can again have belief in each other and feel respect for one another.

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