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Harada Roshi

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Roshi what I meant is the meaning of the expression opening the mountain there must be something deeper in there.

What this means is that the mountain is opened by a person entering it to become the Abbot, which is what I am doing, but, and this situation is going to be a historical first, there is going to be four of us.  Mumon Roshi is the first Abbot.  I am the second Abbot.  Chisan is the third and Rinsan is the fourth.  But we are all having one ceremony at the same time – all of us – which has never been done before.  For me to do it alone, I couldn't really communicate verbally so I want Chisan to do it and then Rinsan to take care of things as the maintenance person.  I’ll be the flag.  So, that’s why it is for the four of us because the three of us together, Mumon Roshi aside, will make one – each of us as one third – and since each of us is only able to pull off one third of it, together we will make one Abbot.

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