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Harada Roshi

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Concentrating on the pain I can easier take it but the intensity stays the same. But often it switches and I found myself suddenly relaxed in the bird's perspective. Me and the pain than seem to be than somehow smaller and I'm able to become aware of the things around me too. What should I do? Conenctrating or trying to dinstance myself from the situation I'm in?

I am not quite sure how a bird´s vision is, yet when you sit zazen, and your body hurts here and there, when you think to yourself: that is just how it is, and concentrate on your "sussokan" or your koan, then more and more you will get used to this. The best way to deal with pain is to not pay too much attention to it. Take the strength from your Tanden, and bring this energy to the place that hurts, you will see how it becomes less and softens. And from there you can feel how your zazen deepens.

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