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Harada Roshi

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I try to help suicidal people get over their problems and suicidal thoughts online, but I'm overwhelmed by the darkness in the human mind, by the suffering in this world. I just feel sad, not my sadness but theirs - it is too strong. I ask for your advice.

The work you are doing is truly challenging. And so important, but looking at it from the result, if you also get pulled into the unsettled mind, then it would be better to stop this work. Because people who are considering suicide have no hope left in their life and thus they get dark and heavy. If you are not completely settled in your own mind and are an immovable other to those people, it will be hard to continue. You have the devotion that is why these efforts are coming forth, but if the other drinks you up, you can´t continue. There are those people who become lighter when they can talk about their inner darkness, but there are also those who get even darker by talking about it. Getting pulled into the story and emotions yourself, will injure you.

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