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Harada Roshi

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I practised zazen for many years but experienced a psychic trauma that has affected my ability to practice. Instead of gradually loosening and relaxing me zazen now has the opposite effect. Is there any alternative meditation such as chanting or Hakuin's butter method that you could recommend?

Zazen is not only when sitting. Since the time of the Buddha it was said that Zazen is 24 hours of the day. Walking is Zazen, working is zazen, talking is zazen, seeing and hearing is zazen. Whenever you don´t make your mind small and you can feel it be expensive and wide, becoming one with the universe - that is zazen. Eisai Zenji sings: Oh, all great embracing mind, the height of the heavens cannot be measured yet your mind even is beyond that. The thickness of the earth cannot be measured, yet your mind is even deeper that this. Oh all great embracing mind.

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