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Harada Roshi

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You were talking in one of the teisho about the sickness of the body and how we must focus on the healthy part and not only focus on the sickness but see that it is transient that there is a being there. Can that also be seen for a country? Can a country be seen as the body? For example in Mexico instead of everyone just focusing on this horrible war and all of this debt just focus on the healthy so that we balance it and bring it back to its natural state of just being there being alive?

A country is its people, so there couldn’t be a difference.  For a country to be thought of as sick, the people who are the politicians are guiding the people without hope, in a hopeless way; that is the sickness of the country.  And for a country to be considered, this has to be looked at.  Since there is no such thing as a country, because it doesn’t exist, its people have to be looked at.  If the people are guided by somebody without hope then that is a sickness of the country.  In the same way that a human being is a phenomena, a country is a phenomena.  The people being led by the politicians, who are not leading them in a way of hope, but are leading them in a way of selfishness are going to end up with people that are also heading in that direction of selfishness because how the politicians are leading the country will affect the people in that same way.

People need to be taught and shown a way not to be going in the way of the politician.  The country also has to be in some way healed from this sickness.  But in that way, a person, being only for a short time sick, but their basic condition being healthy and whole, is the same as the country.  When the politicians are leading the country in a way that is without hope, then the people in the country, which is the country, also will become damaged by this hopelessness because the hopelessness comes from the people who are in power, who are only seeing the good of their own wishes, the benefit for themselves and being egoistic in that way.  So when somebody is ruling the country in such a way, the country is not going to be in its most healthy state.
It is just as the Buddha said, also again, that there is no actuality to that sickness, just like there is no actuality to these politicians’ egoisticness, but when its moving in that way then it’s not going to have a healthy way of being because of the way it is being guided and the way it is being lived is in that egoistic way.

Michael Lerner says that everybody thinks that this thing, which is called an ego exists, but it doesn’t.  Michael Lerner also said that all of our problems, the problems with the ecology, the problems with the large amount of cancer and other diseases, all come from ego.  All of those are the ego of our planet.   And those matters that come from the ego are the ego of the planet.  We can temporarily or superficially do something about them.  But until that deeper ego is correctly aligned, and we get to the root cause, then these problems are just going to keep continuing in different forms.  As long as the ego source of these problems isn’t taken care of, the appearance of the problems may change but the ego will keep producing more and more problems because it is the ego that is causing this whole complex of problems in the first place.

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