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Harada Roshi

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I still cannot fully grasp the meaning of two sayings which sound a bit contradictory A. the Buddha: meditation should be like fine tuned string if you make it to tight you will tear it if it's to loose it won't make a sound... B. you have to put your full energy into it

The Buddha taught in the "Sutra of the 42 sections" of how to become completely one with what one is doing, and he likens it to the sound of a Koto - string instrument. Even when giving oneself completely, there is the just perfectly matching way of doing so. When you are too tight, to forced, then the sound of the string will not sound nice. And when you are too loose about your practice, then there will not even be a sound coming forth, and the purpose of training gets lost. So it is all about the application of balanced energy. This is how the Buddha taught.

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