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Harada Roshi

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Master Seung Sahn wrote somewhat critically about the Japanese approach to practice with koan MU. Quote...Nowadays many people sit meditating in the zendo only keeping Muuuuuuu very very strongly. Everywhere they go everything they do is only Muuuuu What am I? This is samurai-style training, and not Zen. Cultivating a strong hara is very important. But placing this much emphasis on making a strong center leads to wrong ideas about the point and function of Zen meditation. So if you only emphasize Great Courange then there is no room for Great Faith and Great Question. If you only have a Great Question, it is like somewhere very fast, but not having a clear direction. Where do you arrive? That is why you need Great Faith, because it provides our direction and our try mind. So you can see why it is very important that three legs of stool function together to support your practice. What is the appropriate approach to this practice?

Mu is doubt. Energy is doubt. Living energy is doubt. With this consciousness we are cutting through our consciousness.

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