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Harada Roshi

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The books that I read about Zen usually used the term knowledge of the nature of mind but not complete freedom from suffering. I'm confused. Please tell me straight the practice of Zen can set me free from suffering?

If you practice Zazen, and in daily life are focused on things outside, you need to turn your eyes inside and while standing, sitting, hearing, seeing, moving the body, if you can find the essence of your mind within all of these, then you will also be able to perceive more and more clearly the tense parts in your body and how your mind changes. That is Zazen. If you are able to see what your mind actually consists of, then you realize that actually there is nothing there. That “no one” is standing, sitting, getting upset at times, but if that no one knows that there is nothing, pain and suffering and sadness all become empty as well. There is no need to worry about anything – that becomes clear. But if you practice from form and effort only, that is no good. You have to totally turn your eyes inside, or else you cannot see it.

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