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Harada Roshi

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My son suffers from depression and addiction. Is it possible to heal him from his ailments with practising Zen teachings? if so what would you suggest for me to do.

This is a very challenging situation, for your son as well as for the rest of the family. It is something that cannot just be left at that, it will not resolve itself on its own. I think it would be good to follow the advice of a doctor, as long as the effects have not reached too deep. Please do not hope that zazen will heal depression. Depression is a problem of the physical body, while zazen is about realization of mind. There will be no result coming from doing zazen concerning problems of the body. I pray that you will find the right treatment for your son. Please do know that this situation of your son is only about his body, and receiving support from professionals will help him to move the focus from the physical challenges to his greater spirit which is unharmed by the present situation.

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