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Harada Roshi

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When sitting and in my daily life I focus on all body sensations, particularly the hara and count breaths while relaxing as deeply as possible. Thoughts come and go. I worry that this practice doesn't benefit others enough.

The wisdom of the Buddha is to be found in the depth of breathing. The Buddha studied his own breathing intensely. We all know that our extraneous thoughts delude our mind of wisdom. The Buddha also practised holding his breath for a long time. He realized that this creates a damage for the body and mind. The enlightenment experience of the Buddha under the Buddha Tree is the outcome of this deep application of breathing. That it was possible to enter that state of mind that is as quiet as the great ocean, is only thanks to his breathing. It did not just come by chance. There are many examples of how the breathing brings forth the deep wisdom of humans. And from there the Buddha kept teaching his breathing, to exhale long and to inhale naturally. The Buddha kept investigating into his own breathing, he was in that way also a doctor of mind and body, teaching other how to stay healthy. There is nothing as important to concentrate on ones own deepening and breathing. To think that this were not enough is being unkind to yourself.

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