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Harada Roshi

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i'm pondering the difference similarities between mushin and mindfulness and would be grateful for your insight on the matter.

MUSHIN and Mindfulness - Mushin is the word used to discribe the state of mind of samadhi. Mushin does not mean to be absend minded, without mind. There we need to be careful from what cultural background this is being looked at. Easily it can be misunderstood. Mindfulness is to notice, to watch. It is the working of our awareness. Awareness of our mind is still on the surface of our mind. The eyes see, the ears hear, the nose smells, the tongue tastes, the body feels, the awareness perceives. These are the superficial workings of our awareness. That is why the eyes melt into the flower, the ears become one with the bird´s song. We do not perceive things as separated from ourselves. When we hold on to no reflection upon what we perceive, this experience can fill the whole universe. We can reflect just like a mirror. We hear and what we hear does not move us around, yet still we do not ignore a single sound. This has to be experienced for oneself.

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