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You can´t write a letter on the sky, you can´t write numbers on the water...
Harada Roshi

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Activity like work or traffic require our full attention. It seems that to concentrate on a koan during work or in traffic would be unnatural or even dangerous. Would it be a good practice to concentrate on the koan during zazen and during daily life focus completely on each situation and action?

From the eyes of Zen, to have two world is confusion. Yet we easily are aware of ourselevs and what we are doing from the outside. For example, we sit zazen, but we are always aware of ourself sitting zazen. So zazen and our awareness are separated. And we do not enter true zazen. We take everything as being outside of ourselves. When we see the flower, to completely become the flower. Not feeling that it is a self seeing the flower, but to become the blooming flower. That is why we get filled with amazement. We hear the bird and become it, not feeling separated from it. Philosophy needs conflicts and criticisms, or else it is not philosophy. Yet with that, your mind will always be heavy

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