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Harada Roshi

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Do you think that our existential feeling of discontent arises from our realization that we are separated from unity or wholeness and this will never be completely resolved until we die and return to that wholeness. We may have brief glimpses of this wholeness in our lifetime.

Humans are amazing! Can they understand the sorrow of another being? The sadness of someone else? The pain in another person´s heart? This world is full of pain, suffering, sadness. Seeing and hearing this, we cannot simply do nothing. Every time we get touched by this, our own mind becomes sad as well. We have wisdom and feelings. Enlightenment is wisdom. Wisdom knows in an instant what is right and what is wrong. Yet feelings, even if they know what is right and wrong, to go for the truth of things is hard. People of old liken this to the cutting of a lotus root. You have cut it, but there are slimy threads that keep connecting, and they keep pulling along. That is why we need to sit zazen. To purify the mind, to settle the mind. As long as we are so busy with many things, it is hard to have a settled mind. Practising zazen, from there we can enter into those brief glimpses more and more, and live a life that is based on this experience, never loosing track of this again.

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