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Harada Roshi

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During sitting I feel a breath connected weight shift at the sitting bones. How should the tanden center of gravity move during out breath? In Qi Gong we move up with inhalation and down with exhalation. In makkoho we bent forward during exhalation. What idea for the body is best doing zazen?

To lower the breathing into the tanden is the base of Zazen. The breath is following the exhalation, followed by the inhalation, we follow the exhalation all the way to the end. When coming to the last point, we exhale completely until our lower abdomen is flat, then the flower abdomen naturally moves forward to take in the inhalation. Entrusting to this flow, the inhalation enters of its own. As long as we are not used to the exhalation, we do add a little tension to the lower abdomen to reach the final point. At the beginning of zazen it is important to breathe in this manner for 10 times at the beginning of sitting, then let the breath follow naturally. This is the way to develop samadhi. When your breathing gets deeper, you do not need to add numbers any more, only following the flow of the breathing. Then finally even forgetting the breathing, your mind becomes completely clear. Then the body and the surroundings are no longer an obstruction. That is how far you need to reach, or you will not enter good zazen.

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