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Our ancestors lived with huge grace: living and dying in the Dharma...
Harada Roshi

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You say true mind has to be experienced straightforwardly, being pure and prior to ego. Banging heads together, being a soldier in the killing fields, hearing a stone hitting bamboo -all seems to suffice for a break through. Why then do we have to train so hard spending so much time ?

"Being full of expectations in the morning, at night a skeleton" - a saying of old. What is the greatest joy in life? To truly understand oneself. There is nothing to be thankful for, but this human life, which becomes less with every single day, to realize the Buddha nature which does not change, what greater joy could there be. It is not about training and becoming a Buddha. Neither to study and then become a Buddha. From the origin, this hopeless body has always been the Buddha, that is what we need to believe in deeply. While living this life facing death, we have a life that does not die. We can realize that the deepest sins and pain, can be turned into love and wisdom through this realization. Is there anything more joyful in life than this?

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