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Our body already knows how to give birth to true wisdom...
Harada Roshi

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In my profession as a teacher at an academey for social work I have many interactions with people and have to talk a lot. How can I practice well during those times?

You are doing such important work !!! That is where you can sharpen your training in the best possible way. In all situations we need to let go of our ego´s attachment, yet even when you let go of your ego attachments and do not forget yourself completely, then you cannot meet your true self.

The Buddha took 6 years of ascetic training, to let go of his attachments, finally he was at the Niren river, washing his body, and he sat under the Bodhi tree, entering deep samadhi. He completely had forgotten himself. Yet because he was completely absorbed, it also was very dark inside. When the morning star rose on the sky and he saw the light of it, from that dead ego, a pure new awareness was born. He had only been concerned with throwing himself away, so he was amazed at this experience of purity. This experience of the Buddha free from Ego gives proof to this state of mind possible without ego attachment. What is not our self, becomes ourself. The parents see themselves in their child, and when that happens, for the first time the meaning becomes apparent, and then even the hard times can be lived through, because it is all about being there for the child, and raising it in the best possible way. A teacher at school can find himself in his students, and then for the student to receive the best possible education for their true happiness, that is what can come forth from this way of seeing things. The artist can see one flower, and realizes himself in that flower, and then he is able to express it, to paint this deeply felt flower. This kind of joy in our workings is the enlightenment of Zen.

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