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Harada Roshi

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In Chinese and Korean Zen the questioning is emphasized for example continuously asking What is Wu? in order to intensify the sense of doubt. But the Japanese tradition seems to stress become one with Mu and not practising with it as a question. Could you please comment on this?

For students of Zen the base of the universe, the source where this world came from, one´s own true being - that is what Zen training is all about. It is the same awakening as that of the Buddha. The realization of the Buddha is no understanding. It is the awareness beyond understanding. Otherwise it would be easiest to just go about it intellectually. That is why Mumon Ekai Osho said, to only completely become this Mu, only this question: What is Mu? But if you try to understand it, you get caught in dualism. The original meaning of Joshu`s Mu can be found in the Katto Shu collection, this experience of MU is what Joshu was pointing at. In order to not get stuck on words, that is why Mumon said, Just become this MU. But this cannot be taken lightly. This is what has to be deeply tasted.

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