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True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi

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sitting with eyes closed watching the shapes and colorsis it as good as sitting with eyes slightly open?if not as good is it acceptable?

Our Zazen is based on three pillars: "Posture - Breathing - Mind". When we read the instruction on zazen from the old masters it is said clearly, that Zazen with closed eyes is mistaken. We live in connection with the outside world. And for developing a deeper essence, that is why we sit zazen. This deep realization can only come about if we use our five sense organs. If we were to close our eye, we would not be able to awaken to the true way of seeing. We do need to learn how we use our eyes correctly, also in daily life. To not be pulled along by whatever appears in front. If we simply close our eyes while sitting zazen, we do not get caught on the things outside, that may be true, yet we also do not learn how to use our eyes in daily life. Closing our eyes is closing our mind. While living in the world with our open eyes, to not get caught and stuck on things, that is the practice. At night when we sleep we close our eyes, yet this is to refresh our mind and body. It is not for the realization of the huge wisdom of the Buddha. To practice zazen in an intellectual way is called the zen sickness. During zazen to open all five senses completely, wide and open, becoming one with the world, while working, yet not stopped by anything. That is true zazen. And for this taughtness with essence is necessary.

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