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Harada Roshi

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How do we pull weeds or take down a tree when we know that all of life is precious. Even if we look at it in the through interconectedness where we see no things exist within the realm of things and forms or illusions the things do seem to exist.

This is how it is seen in Southern Buddhism. The monks in those countries are not allowed to pick weeds or to harvest.
To harvest or pick fruit is seen as breaking the precepts, yet it is the Southern Buddhist view, which is not mistaken. Yet also monks do need to eat to continue with their practice.
So they eat the food that was prepared by people from society. Yet how about that, letting others break the precepts so that you do not need to do so? The view of the Mahayana Buddhism is different. We work ourselves for our food and are self sufficient. This aspect is important as well as being thankful for the received donations from society. Yet to try to take only as much as will suffice. And whatever you yourself would not be able to harvest, that is not eaten. In that way meat and fish are avoided, and the diet is based on vegetables and fruit, and whatever we have received from society or from nature, we feel that thankfulness for it deeply. We honour the received life energy by giving it back to others through our work and teaching. This is the deep wish of the Buddha, to realize the preciousness of all life energy.

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