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Harada Roshi

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Nowadays humanity and the world appear to be continually involved in complex situations so that ones own efforts for peace and understanding seem pointless. Are we always to suffer from the karma of the world turning always to problems and wars?

In Buddhism this is called ‘Go-jigoku no masse'; saying that in the world, hunger, illnesses, wars and environmental disasters will extend. As people further spread wrong views, principles and ideas then annoyance, jealousy and doubt will grow, as well as lust, robbery and murder. All this results from people having lost the value of the good and therefore allowing their body and mind to become ill. By themselves people create more illnesses and sufferings, and thus their lives are also shortened. Since time immemorial the development of humanity has been so and only because people do not awaken to the True Mind in themselves.  People see phenomena as reality, as if conditional phenomena had its own substance, they hold on to this unreality as if it had true existence. Because we do not see space, objects and time as transient, we continue the same old cycle and thus over and over again must fall and get up again. When we know about these circumstances we can widen our view, but we follow the rest of humanity by self-creating suffering. 

Just as the universe has no end so too is the life energy of mankind endless. It is therefore important that we strengthen this greater view within ourselves and practice our Zazen not only for our one lifetime, but  for our children, for our grandchildren and the all-embracing, quiet Mind that is the base of us all. Therein lies our responsibility. If all people practiced Zazen, we would immediately realize the solution to this seemingly endless cycle and could therefore appreciate our everlasting life energy, and would no longer travel through needless suffering.


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