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You can´t write a letter on the sky, you can´t write numbers on the water...
Harada Roshi

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Intellectually I can appreciate that that highest purpose in life is living the Four Vows. Does realizing one's True Nature give one a true realization of this? It would be a good motivation to keep practising.

We can only have awareness for one world, yet there are 7 billion people living on this planet. Each single person is aware of themselves and thus there are 7 billion different worlds, which keep bumping into each other. The sunshine might seem to some as a blessing, to others as a curse, since it depends on the position of each person looking at the situation. When doing zazen, we melt into oneness with the world, taking down the division, that is called the blossoming of your Buddha Nature. Once that fence between yourself and other has been taken down, once you live in that experience of oneness, then the Four Vows are a matter of fact.

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