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Harada Roshi

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How do we direct our lives toward being our true selves? Is there a way to know that we are living out our lives in a true way?

That is exactly the question: Everyone is attached to their ego, so whose ego is correct?

The politician Shotokutaishi who made the highest constitution said: „Whatever they see as being good, is not good for me. Whatever I see as good, they do not agree with. I am not a saint, neither are they idiots. We are all just ordinary people.“

That is why we need common measures. In former days, God would be the one who could show these, yet nowadays, who really tries to listen and receive the answer from God? What we can do though is what the Buddha realized: to return to the mind of Zero. Just like a mirror. The mirror is zero. It doesn´t have its own ideas, that is why it is clear and can see all as equal. It does not decorate, neither choose that which is good for itself alone. That is why we feel trust. Kannon Bosatsu is making herself be zero so that she can give 100 to everyone. The joy of another receiving 100%  is as if it were her own joy and satisfaction. A mother gives 100 percent to her child, and the smiling face of the child makes her deeply happy. We can truly feel the joy of another and experience it as ours! That is the amazing workings of the mind of zero ! To meet this mind, that is why we sit zazen.

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